The New Prosperity System

Operating pursuant to Indigenous Laws, Custom and Traditions

TUMULT Financial Institution and Stakeholders Group.

TUMULT operates pursuant to Indigenous Laws

TUMULT stands for The Mother Lode Trust, a private association of ‘good steward’ land depositors, who share into an Asset Pool (AP) of the Natural Resources of Turtle Island, and the collective Intellectual and Physical Property of its depositors/stakeholders, through the development our greatest resource, the creative Women and Men of Turtle Island.

A Unique Asset Card

Among other world-wide opportunities, you will receive a membership T number and personal-Private Vault  that will eventually entitle you to an Asset Card, that is backed by 3 sources of wealth that have been deposited into the Asset Pool by others.

Your deposits are accumulating Individual Vault Cash (VC).

You are also part of the Group Vault Cash (GVC) of

all the Intellectual Property (IP) and Personal Property (PP) deposited into the Asset Pool.

The Asset Pool is backed by the ‘land and resources’ of the Canadian Shield, since historically the land and resources are under the de jure stewardship of the Clan Mothers.

As the Asset Pool grows, the buying power of your card increases.

The Asset Pool (AP) consists of:



Precious metals are initially kept in the ground and ‘monetized’. The founding deposit was $149 Billion in gold.

The fee is $55 to participate in the TUMULT Asset Pool (AP) A, B and C.



Intellectual Property (IP) of fellow stakeholders, such as Inventions, Ideas, Patents, Books, Songs. Your IP is registered and ‘monetized’ in your private Vault. You retain  ownership to your IP, however you agree  to contribute 20% of your IP’s gross revenue into the TUMULT Asset Pool (AP).



The Physical Property (PP) of each fellow stakeholders, who can ‘register’ and ‘monetized’ the value of their Physical Property, eg.  House, Apartment, Car et cetera, along with an estimated value of each asset. Your Physical Property (PP) is deposited in your private Vault. You retain  ownership of your Physical Property (PP)

Who we are

The Mother Lode Trust has been designed for all Women, Men, and Children of Turtle Island. The Trust provides an avenue for investment that is welcome in this time of great change, where many of our Peoples have been left without the financial security and resources for which we had hoped.

The Natural Resources of Turtle Island are rich in all sorts of minerals that have been mined since the beginning of time. These resources are so valuable that they were used as payment when Europeans first arrived in this country. We still need these natural resources today to help power our homes and fuel our cars, but we also need them because they provide a habitat for biodiversity!

The TUMULT team is committed to providing this information in a way that is easy for everyone to comprehend, by being transparent about how the program works, what it does and why you should join The Mother Lode Trust.

The association was established in 2021, and is under the supervision of 10 Trustees: 2 Settlor’s of the Trust (one being an ASMIN Clan Mother), 5 additional Clan Mothers who are always in the majority, 2 seats at large, plus the Attorney General of ASMIN (for oversight).

TUMULT Trustees will be releasing quarterly reports to update the membership. 

The investment of each $55 fee in TUMULT entitles each Investor to only 1 share of TUMULT Asset Pool (AP), so every investor is equal.

$25 of your $55 is held in a Trust Fund for the duration of the investment.

Each investor is entitled to :

an equal share in the value of the Asset Pool of TUMULT consisting of a portion of Natural Resources of Turtle Island, which shall remain in the ground and valued by assay, or which resource from time to time may be extracted for investment purposes, as determined by the Ten (10) Trustees.

an equal share of the Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Pool (AP) of those members who chose to deposit their IP into their Personal Vault.

participate in the T (Tribal) - Coin program that uses the T-coin as a method of International barter. Unlike other e-currencies, the T-coin is backed by assets (your natural resources), physical property and intellectual property deposited in the Asset Pool (AP)

enjoy the benefit of Third-Party Investors who contract with TUMULT to develop the Asset Pool (AP). Third-Party Investors are not part of the TUMULT Asset Pool (AP) and can only make (1) $55 investment like all other members.

access to The Spades Community's (TSC) world-wide trading platform, designed to feed the world.
Link available after signing up.


What is intellectual property? The law of intellectual property protects creators. It covers copyright, trademark and patent law.

Even though it is an intangible asset but intellectual property can be more valuable than a company’s physical assets. Companies that have intellectual property are fiercely protected and protected because it can be a competitive advantage.

Intellectual property refers to property that is intangible and created by the human mind. There are many types and countries recognize different types of intellectual property. Copyrights, patents and trademarks are the most popular types. Trade secrets are also well-known.

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As the fund grows by the share or by Third Party Investors who contract with TUMULT, our precious minerals can be extracted.


The value of the Asset Pool (AP) increases as the value of the deposits increase, and is allocated as follows:


Division of Revenues :

  • $25 to the Trustees for operations
  • $5 for the ongoing Token Platform Fees
  • $25 to the Asset Pool to create and increase the value of our TUMULT Coin.

Each stakeholder can redeem their (1) share and receive $25 of the $55.


TUMULT operates pursuant to Indigenous Laws per UNDRIP including Arbitration:

All disputes within TUMULT are resolved by ASMIN’s Indigenous Tribunal ASKIT, the decision of which is final and binding, with no appeal (beyond a request for the Clan Mother (s) in Council to review an ASKIT Decision).

The ASKIT Decision can be enforced through the enforcement provisions of any western legislature.